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Written for a Senior level Computer Networks course as a course project.

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Research paper discussing the impact of the Internet of Things on current computer networks titled 'The Impact of the Internet of Things on Computer Networks'


The Internet of Things will present a wide array of benefits to our society. As we prepare for this shift it is important we consider the effect these things will have on our computer networks. This paper introduces the Internet of Things, provides a review of changes in current networking standards that will enable us to connect to our things, and presents three new standards established by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). New standards are required because things will not only operate on defined Wireless Local Area Networks, but must also be able to communicate information through a MESH network topology that will enable all devices to interconnect. The Internet of Things will present challenges to current hardware, networks, and protocols. It is critical new standards be created to allow the next generation of the Internet to continue to change the way the human race interacts with machines.

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I began my career with Cerner Corporation as a Software Engineer Apprentice. As a Cerner associate I had the opportunity to take a look inside the world of software engineering while working my bachelors degree. Cerner is a leading company in the Healthcare IT...

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