Autism-Genetic Database Web Application

Final product and artifacts for my year-long Senior Capstone course.

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Web application developed for a local Autism researcher at Children's Mercy Hospital.

Application Description

This database currently contains the full list of autism susceptibility genes as well as all Copy Number Variations (CNVs) found to have a relationship to autism. Additionally, all noncoding RNA molecules (snoRNA, miRNA, and piRNA) and chemically induced fragile sites are stored as well.

A tabular data display that allows the user to observe the chromosomal spatial relationship between the genes, CNVs, ncRNAs and fragile sites. This also provides links to Entrez and pubmed for each gene, as well as miRBase for miRNAs, snoRNA-LBME-db for snoRNAs, and piRNABank for piRNAs.

Project Artifacts

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