Initial Thoughts on Meteor.js

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Meteor, a better way to build apps

Initial opinions

The first time I heard about Meteor.js was from one of my college professors. He told me about a new, reactive JavaScript framework that ran pure JavaScript on both the client and server. Immediately intrigued I took a look at the screencasts and glanced over the docs. I was sold after the sequal to the first screencast. This was one of those things you see and you just know it's going to become your life. I actually made a conscious decision to NOT start playing with it as I was in the last few weeks of my Senior year of college.

Meteor does a really nice job of hiding callbacks and other parts of the JavaScript language that can be frustrating or difficult to master. The framework takes a look at how we currently use with web (interacting with a page on the client thus invoking the server to present it with a newly rendered page) and innovates on the high level system paradigm. Instead of browsers acting as thin clients or "dumb" terminals, Meteor takes advantage of increased levels of memory and processing power to run the application 'in browser'. The whole concept of data on-the-wire with mongodb is new to me and will take some getting used to.


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