6 Simple Steps to Getting Started with WAMP Server

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To be completely honest the first time I picked up WAMP Server I was not thrilled. I found the interface ugly and little-to-no HELPFUL documentation/walkthroughs/tutorials to help get me started. Only by piecing together chunks from different sites was I able to get things figured out. Getting a development environment setup should be simple, straightforward, and quick. My intent here is to provide a one-stop-shop, if you will, to setting up a WAMP Server on your local machine. Below is a list of steps I took to go from nothing to up and runnning; including a script to free up port 80, enjoy!

    Steps to get a WAMP Server running on your local machine.
  1. Download WAMP Server here. I chose to use WAMPSERVER 2.4 (64 bits & PHP 5.4) because I have a 64-bit machine and I wanted a newer version of PHP.
  2. I chose to install WAMP in C:/wamp because I access it often and it requires less thought about the directory structure when the time comes.
  3. Before you start it up, know that Apache will want to use Port 80 on your machine. If Port 80 is currently being used Apache will not start, therefore neither will WAMP. To free it up I have created a simple .bat script (NOTE: this must be run as Administrator).
  4. There are a couple different ways to execute this script. Number 1, the simplest, open up the command line (Be sure to right-click and select 'Run as Administrator'), and enter line 2 (wait for it to finish), then line 3 (wait for it to finish), finally line 4). Once line 4 has been executed WAMP should startup. Number 2, for the more advanced user. Open your favorite text-editor and save the above gist as a .bat file. When it comes time to start WAMP just right-click the .bat file and select 'Run as Administrator' and let it do its thing.
  5. If you didn't follow my directions and started the server before executing the commands, go to the task bar, click the WAMP icon, and select 'Restart All Services'. The icon will turn from Red, to yellow, then green in about 20-45 seconds depending on your setup.
  6. There you have it, open up your favorite web browser and enter localhost into the address bar (or if that's your style)

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